Commander of Former Anti-Taliban Uprising Forces Killed by Taliban in Northern Takhar

A former commander of the local anti-Taliban uprising forces was killed by the Taliban in northern Takhar province.

Taliban forces killed this commander of former militias supported by the former republic regime around 12 a.m. on Tuesday night (December 20th) in Chobar vicinity, Taloqan city’s 1st PD, Takhar province.

Sources identified the commander as Gol Aziz, a resident of Qaruqusaai village, Kalafgan district, Takhar province.

Two Taliban fighters were also injured in during a gun battle. It is reported that the Gol Aziz’s son was also injured.

The former government had tried to support and form local uprising forces, also known as People’s Uprising Program (PUP), under the aegis of the Interior Ministry in some districts to stop the advance of the Taliban.

This is despite the fact that a few months ago, a tribal elder was killed by the Taliban in Rustaq district of Takhar province.