Explosions Hit a Shia Mosque in Kandahar

Kabul – Today (Friday, October 15), two explosions occurred in the Fatimia Hussainiya Mosque of Kandahar, reports from Kandahar indicate.

One of the explosions took place at the entrance of the Imam Bargah mosque, and the second one occurred inside the mosque.

Imam Barga is located in the first district of Kandahar city and relates to the Shia Muslim community.

The blast has taken place during the Friday prayers. However, the casualties have not been reported yet, and pictures from the scene show that dozens of people were killed or injured.

Last Friday, a suicide bomber related to the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (IS-KP) blew up himself in a mosque related to the Hazara-Shia community in Kunduz province, killing 150 worshipers and injuring at least 250 others.