Farah Residents Call on Taliban to Respect the Values and Culture of People, As There is no Sign of Preparation for Celebration of Nawroz

Farah, a province in western Afghanistan is one of the provinces where Nawroz was being gloriously celebrated in the past. The event was being welcomed and celebrated creatively by men and women. But this year, considering the political situation, the people are not sure if they can celebrate Nawroz the same way as in the past.

“Cooking delicious foods, wearing brand new clothes and arranging family gatherings are the very traditional way of celebrating the event, but we are not sure if we can celebrate it the way we used to do it since there is no sign of preparation for celebration observed,” residents of Farah have raised concerns.

Civil Society Activists in Farah have told Hasht-e Subh that Nawroz will not be celebrated in this province this year. “Considering the restrictions that Taliban have imposed and financial situation of the people, Nawroz celebration seems to be difficult this year.” Khoshhal Mohammadi, a Civil Society Activist said.

Despite calls on Taliban to respect the historical values and culture and cooperate with the people to officially celebrate the Nawroz, Taliban have shown no interest so far to officially celebrate the event.