Forced Marriage Ends Up in Tragic Suicide of Young Girl in Kunduz

According to sources, an 18-year-old girl hung herself in the Kunduz province’s capital city.

The incident occurred on Monday night in the Zakhil Qadim region of Kunduz city’s third district.

According to local sources in Kunduz, the young girl took her own life as a result of being forced into marriage. Her family had reportedly arranged for her engagement to a boy without her consent.

In the capital city of Kunduz, a girl and a boy who were in love with each other took their own lives after the girl being forced into marriage not long ago.

It has been reported that following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, incidents of domestic violence and forced marriages have seen a surge. This has resulted in the loss of many young lives, especially of women and girls, and raised concerns about their safety and protection in the country.