International Aid Money Pillaging by Taliban Goes Unnoticed, Reports FP

While millions of financial aid are being received by Taliban-governed Afghanistan every week, Foreign Policy has reported that the Taliban is misusing humanitarian aid.

“Tens of millions of dollars are flown into Kabul every week by the United States and the United Nations for distribution across the country as humanitarian catastrophe grips tighter with winter closing in. Sources inside and outside the country say much of the money never reaches those who need it,” according to a Foreign Policy report on Friday. 

Instead, “unknown quantities are stolen by the Taliban and diverted to their own causes, keeping supporters onside with handouts of cash and food and funding the private operations of senior leaders,” FP detailed.

Meanwhile, in regions, such as southern provinces where the population is predominantly Sunni Pashtun, like the Taliban, aid goes directly to Taliban families and supporters, FP reported.

A source has added that the Taliban have no support, especially in the Hazara and Tajik environments in Ghor and Badghis provinces and other remote areas.

This is despite the fact that, according to reports, the United States has provided 1.1 billion dollars since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. Money that the Biden administration has not explained how it will be used.