Old Man Dies After Being Tortured by Taliban in Panjshir

An old man died in a hospital after being severely tortured by the Taliban in Panjshir province.

Sources on Tuesday, January 17, confirmed to Hasht-e Subh that Khal Mohammad died of his injuries in a hospital, adding that he had been arrested by the Taliban in Omarz village about 15 days ago.

Sources detailed the Taliban had taken Khal Mohammad to Panjshir emergency hospital after severely torturing him. But the man died on Monday, January 16, of his bad health condition and critical injuries.

The Taliban arrested and tortured Khal Mohammad on the suspicion of assisting the National Resistance Front (NRF). Sources, however, added that he had no affiliation with NRF fighters or other anti-Taliban militias.

Previously, the Taliban tortured to death dozens of residents of Panjshir only on the suspicion of collaborating with NRF members.