Taliban Waive Opium Tax in Nimroz Province for 10 Months

According to reliable sources in Nimroz province, the Taliban has given smugglers of opium in this province 10 months to sell and export their opium from Afghanistan without paying any sales tax or customs duty.

On Friday sources reported that, in addition to the 10-month deadline, the Taliban have also exempted drug smugglers in Nimroz province from paying any taxes or customs duties.

According to sources, the Taliban has informed opium smugglers in Nimroz that after the deadline, they will decide whether to completely ban drug trafficking or not.

Reports show that since seizing the power in Afghanistan, the Taliban have been charging a sales tax of 600 Afghanis per kilogram of opium in Nimroz province and allowing heroin to be smuggled out of the country through its borders.

However, in the past month, under the order of Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada, the leader of the Taliban, buying and selling opium has been banned publicly in the markets of southern provinces of Afghanistan.

It is noteworthy that Nimruz province shares a border with Iran, and is known for being a major hub for drug smuggling in Afghanistan.