Taliban Launch House-to-House Searches in Kabul’s Makrorian Neighborhood

Taliban fighters are conducting house-to-house search operations in Makrorian neighborhood of Kabul.

Residents of Makrorian in Kabul city told Hasht-e Subh that door-to-door searches started in their neighborhood, in north Kabul on Wednesday, January 25.

The Taliban have dispatched their special forces armed with heavy weaponry to different vicinities of Makrorian to search residential complexes one by one.

It is not immediately determined for what purpose these search operations were initiated. In the past, however, the Taliban have launched similar operations to find firearms.

The Taliban in Kabul have not expressed an opinion in this regard.

Two weeks ago, door-to-door searches were launched in Dehmzang, Karta-e 4 and Central Silo neighborhoods in Kabul city.