Taliban Mine Afghanistan’s Hidden Wealth: Chromite Extraction Begins in Khost Province

Local sources report that the Taliban has started mining chromite in Khost province.

Sources from the province say that the extraction of chromite from the Rakhak-Mangi mine in the Zazai district of Khost province began on Monday.

The sources added that the mining contract was signed by the Taliban’s Ministry of Mines and Petroleum with a domestic company late last year.

According to local sources, the price for extracting one ton of chromite from the mine has been set at 9,200 Afghanis.

The Taliban has stated that it estimates a deposit of 118.65 million Afghanis from the mine into its treasury over the next five years.

It should be noted that over the past year and a half, the Taliban has started mining several mines in various parts of the country.

Illegal mining and trafficking of minerals have been a constant concern for Afghan citizens, but it has increased dramatically since the Taliban returned to power.

Most citizens believe that the Taliban are now sitting on Afghanistan’s hidden wealth, which previously formed the most important resource for their warfare and violence.