Taliban Vandalize a Painted Image of Abdul Ali Mazari in Kabul

The Taliban vandalized a painted image of the former Hazara leader, Abdul Ali Mazari, in west Kabul.

Sources in west Kabul shared photos of a gate decorated with Abdul Ali Mazari’s image on Tuesday, January 31, confirming to Hasht-e Subh that the Taliban had ruined his image.

In the photos shared, it can be seen that the Taliban have pierced the image of Abdul Ali Mazari on top of the Pul-e-Sukhta area in Kota-e-Sangi.

The Taliban have not immediately expressed an opinion in this regard.

Abdul Ali Mazari, the former leader of Afghanistan’s Islamic Unity Party, was captured and killed by the Taliban in the 1990s. He was given the title ‘Martyr Of National Unity’ in 2016 by Ashraf Ghani government.