Taliban’s Emphasis on a Military Solution to Afghanistan’s Current Situation is a Mistake; Abdullah Abdullah

8 Subh; Kabul: The Head of the High Council for National Reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah told a news conference at the Sapidar Palace on Monday, the June 28, that the Taliban will not achieve their goal to impose a military to Afghanistan’s current situation.

According to him, one of the main lessons of the forty-year crisis in the country is that the emphasis on military solution to end the war will not work.

On the other hand, he said that the Taliban are stubbornly wasting time for peace talks and have not shown any commitment to progress in the talks.

Abdullah Abdullah said the Doha Agreement foresaw that following the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan, negotiations will be concluded and peace will be ensured.

He described the main reason for the slowness in the negotiations as the Taliban’s “stubbornness.”

Abdullah said that with the withdrawal of foreign troops, there was no excuse for the Taliban to continue fighting, destroying infrastructure and public institutions and from the start, however, the presence of foreign forces was just an excuse.

He also stressed the need to pursue the issue of Afghanistan through dialogue.

Abdullah noted that the “best way” for the Afghan people to pursue difference is through dialogue and negotiation, but this cannot happen with unilateral efforts.

He reiterated that it is incorrect to thing they can win through war.

According to him, if war is imposed on the people, they will have no choice but to defend themselves. He said the current priority is to defend the people and support the security forces.

According  to Abdullah Abdullah, the message from Washington officials about peace and support for the security forces and their funding and assistance to these forces was clear, and US leaders pledged 3.3 billion dollar in aid to the Afghan security forces and 350 million dollar in humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

According to him, the US has promised to work with its partners and allies to continue helping Afghanistan.

Abdullah explained that with the end of the US and NATO military presence in Afghanistan, a new chapter of relations between the two countries will begin and that the end of the military presence does not mean that the United States has left and is not interested in Afghanistan.