18-Year-Old Woman Commits Suicide in Badghis Province

A young woman reportedly took her own life in Badghis province.

Hasht-e Subh’s sources reported that on Monday, an 18-year-old girl died by suicide in Roji Ha village, located in Ab Kamri district of Badghis province.

Based on the information received, it appears that the young girl used a firearm to take her own life.

According to reports, the reason behind the young girl’s suicide in Badghis is believed to be related to family issues. It is important to note that suicide can have a multitude of underlying causes and it is crucial to provide support and resources to those who may be struggling with mental health issues.

As of now, there has been no statement from the Taliban in Badghis province regarding this matter.

A young girl of 18 years took her own life yesterday in Kunduz province, reportedly as a result of being forced into marriage.

Since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, there has been a disturbing rise in the number of young girls taking their own lives. The reasons for this alarming trend are believed to be connected to forced marriages, family violence, and poverty.

These underlying causes are especially prevalent in Afghanistan, where cultural and social norms, as well as economic instability, can make it difficult for young girls to access education, employment opportunities and basic rights.