At Least 100 Afghan Nationals Killed or Injured in Turkey Quakes

At least 100 citizens of Afghanistan were killed or injured in the earthquakes in Turkey. An Afghan family has reportedly lost three members in these deadly earthquakes.

It has been reported that Abdul Rashid and his wife and daughter have died, and that his other four children have been injured by the earthquakes in Turkey.

Abdul Rashid’s body has not been recovered from the rubble after two days following the earthquake in Turkey, according to sources.

Abdul Rashid, a resident of Parwan’s Jabal al-Saraj district, had lived in Iran for seven years. Along with his family, he moved to Turkey recently.

The Taliban-run Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ahmad Zia Takal, confirmed the deaths of Afghans in Turkey, telling local media outlets that Afghan citizens were not spared from earthquake dangers.

At least 100 Afghan citizens have been killed and injured in Turkey as a result of the recent earthquakes, according to Takal, speaking for the Taliban embassy in the country. In his opinion, the death toll may have been higher.

A deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated wide swaths of Turkey and Syria on Monday morning. These earthquakes reportedly killed more than 8,000 people in both countries, according to the latest data.