Man, Woman Whipped by Taliban in Badakhshan for Talking on the Phone

Taliban fighters have whipped a woman and a man in the Argo district of Badakhshan province.

The Taliban tried the youngsters in public at 11:00 o’clock on Tuesday morning (November 22nd) at the Shahr-e Wahdat Mosque on the outskirt of Argo district.

Taliban members whipped each of them with 39 lashes for chatting on the phone, sources detailed.

The two youngsters were both single and the Taliban tried them arbitrarily after accusing them of having premarital affairs, sources added.

It is worth noting that two months ago, a boy and a girl threw themselves into the Kokcha River in Badakhshan province due to the fear of being chased, caught and tortured by Taliban forces.

Reports are widely published by local media outlets indicating that Taliban members have whipped, tortured and humiliated civilians suspected of having premarital affairs. Taliban fighters publicly gave a boy and a girl 40 lashes each last Thursday (November 17th) on the suspicion of having premarital relations in Bamiyan province.