Nawroz Celebration in Kunduz: The New Year will Not Be Celebrated in Kunduz This Year

Kunduz is well famous for its magnificent natural landscape. Provinces in the northern region of the country used to host guests from across the country on the eve of Nowruz. But this year, with the re-emergence of the rebels in the country, no preparation for celebrating the Nawroz is reported in this province.

Abdul Rahim Mayel, a resident of the Imam Sahib district of Kunduz, told Hasht-e Subh that the flag-raising ceremony is one of the very first ceremonies out of many other entertainments such as Buzkashi and wrestling that people usually entertain on Nawroz. The flag used to be raised in the district shrine, but there is no preparation taken yet and the people have last motivation for such events. Moreover, the Ministry of Virtue has declared the event as non-Islamic and against the moral of Islam.

There are certain other customs practiced on the occasion of the event. Those who are engaged usually exchange gifts and arrange family gatherings on this occasion. “These gathering used to be very flourishing and people used spend considerable amount of money for purchasing gifts, but considering the current financial crises and purchase power of the people, this year would be different with assumptions of 50% decrease in Nawroz gifts purchases.” Stated by Ghaffar Ahmadi, a resident of Kuduz who runs a shop in the market.

Poets and cultural activists are calling on the Taliban to accept the realities of time and cooperate with people in celebrating the historical event of Nowruz so differently and gloriously.  They have further added that Washington City Council in United States of America has recognized Nowruz and approved Nowruz as a cultural and historical event. It is a matter of great concern that Taliban are against the historical values of the country; while, other countries and nations respect these historical events and moments.

On the other hand, media have reported that Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman for Taliban and Acting Deputy Minister of Information and Culture has stated that Taliban do not celebrate Nawroz officially but the people are free to celebrate it as usual.

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