Taliban Arrest 6 Panjshir Residents on Suspicion of Assisting NRF

Taliban forces arrested 6 residents of Dara district, Panjshir province on the suspicion of assisting the National Resistance Front (NRF).

Taliban fighters arrested at least 6 residents of Dara district in Panjshir and Kabul provinces on the accusations of collaborating with NRF forces and took them to an unknown location, sources confirmed to Hasht-e Subh on late Monday (December 5th).

The Taliban arrested a shopkeeper from the Dara district market on Monday morning, according to sources. The man has been identified as Gulzar Khan, who used to sell foodstuffs in the district market.

Based on details provided by independent sources, the Taliban have arrested 5 residents of Dara district of Panjshir province from various parts of Kabul, whose whereabouts are unknown.

The detainees are civilians and have no affiliation with NRF forces.

According to reports, a high school teacher in Rokha district of Panjshir Province has recently died after being tortured in Taliban custody. The body of the victim, who had been identified as Shamsullah, was handed over to his family yesterday in Kabul.