Taliban Fighters in Farah Behead an Old Man and Plunder His Property

Taliban fighters beheaded an old man in Farah and looted his property, including seven sheep.

Local sources told Hasht-e Subh that on Tuesday night, January 10, Taliban forces entered a house in Dar Abad vicinity, beheading the old owner of the property and then firing on his dead body before leaving the scene.

Residents have witnessed a group of Taliban members in a Ranger-type military vehicle entering a livestock compound in the middle of the night. Witnesses said they heard sounds of gunshots from the site.

They detailed Taliban members left the scene moments after shooting the old man dead, adding that invaders stole 7 sheep that the victim had raised for sale.

Sources identified the dead man as Ali Ahmad. Taliban officials for Farah province have not expressed opinion in this regard.

A rise in mysterious murders, most of which are committed by Taliban affiliates, is still one of the biggest fears of ordinary people in Afghanistan.