Taliban to Continue Launching Clearing Operations in Kabul Despite Criticism

Residents of Kabul city said that the Taliban have launched a house-to-house search operation in Silo-e-Markazi area for the third time.

Residents of this neighborhood in Kabul city told Hasht-e Subh on Wednesday, February 1, the Taliban even stop pedestrians on the sidewalks to search their mobile phones during these operations.

No female officers reportedly accompany the Taliban’s searching teams and male Taliban members enter people’s houses and search their belongings.

Criticizing this Taliban practices, they said that they are fed up with the continuation of door-to-door searches.

The Taliban have not immediately commented on this matter.

This is despite the fact that the Taliban launched clearing operations in Makrorian neighborhood in north Kabul on Wednesday, January 25.

The Taliban have dispatched their special forces armed with heavy weaponry to different vicinities of Makrorian to search residential complexes one by one.

However, clearing operations were conducted in the same way in Dehmazang, Karta-e 4 and Silo-e-Markazi neighborhoods in Kabul city two weeks before that.