Taliban’s Former Public Health Chief in Ghazni Steals 1 Million AFG

The Taliban’s former chief of the public health department in Ghazni province has stolen more than a million AFG.

A reliable source in the Department of Public Health in Ghazni confirmed on Monday (December 5th) that an estimated amount of 1,200,000 AFG was provided by donors to purchase medical supplies for health centers in Nawur and Malistan districts which has been stolen by the Taliban’s former chief of public health.

Taliban’s former chief for public health in Ghazni province, Mawlawi Mohammad Hanif Misbah, has taken the money with him after his removal from the directorate, according to sources.

After 15 months of working as the chief of public health for Ghazni, Mawlawi Mohammad Hanif was fired from this position a month ago, an independent source added.

This amount of money was taken by the former Taliban official while health centers are facing a shortage of medicine and medical supplies.