300 Fighters in Taliban’s 215th Maiwand Corps Deserted Military Service

Around 300 Taliban fighters have left the 215 Maiwand Corps in Helmand province.

On Thursday (December 15th), local sources confirmed to Hasht-e Subh that the Taliban commanders in Helmand treated the Kandahari Taliban in a humiliating manner, which caused them to desert military service and leave the 215 Maiwand Corps’ base.

Video footage, which was made available to Hasht-e Subh, also shows Taliban fighters leaving the Taliban camp in Helmand collectively in a convoy of military vehicles.

In the video, a Taliban fighter says that it was Zarqawi who kept the Mujahideen happy and satisfied. Apparently, Zarqawi is the name of one of the disgruntled Taliban commanders in their military camp in Helmand.

Taliban officials have not commented on this matter as of yet.

Differences and infighting between the Taliban are not unprecedented. Before this, a number of Taliban commanders in different parts of Afghanistan have deserted serving in the ranks of the Taliban