Sergei Lavrov Stressed the Non-Use of the Remaining Weapons

Kabul – Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, says remained weapons should not be used for subversive goals in Afghanistan.

On Tuesday, October 12, Lavrov spoke in the Asia Interaction and Confidence Building Summit and emphasized the importance of preventing the use of US-led NATO weapons and military equipment for subversive purposes.

“The hasty withdrawal of NATO made the complexity of the contradictions disheveled which left many weapons and military equipment in the country, plus, it’s essential not to use those weapons against other countries, and not to use them for subversive goals inside Afghanistan,” Sergey stated.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Minister says that the Taliban commits to fight against drug smuggling and terrorism, and they don’t want instability in neighboring countries, also, they look to form an inclusive government. According to him, the accomplishments of these promises are important.

Since the fall of the supportive government under the US and NATO, all military weapons are in hands of the Taliban.

Millions of dollars had been spent for providing these weapons to the former security forces’ government.